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My current release is Mineko: Book of Sisters. Currently, I am working on the next two books, Book of Hana and the Book of KaikoBook of Hana is up first and am looking to have it ready later this year.  At the same time, a short adventure is being spun, entitled, Mineko: Shogun in the Dark. This will be a short novelette, given away for FREE to those who have signed up for the newsletter!  So don’t miss out – sign up today!

“She was almost more real to me than the mundane world.”  Gali


I am a huge fan of Samurais and books written in this era and can say that “Mineko: Book of Sisters” is on a level all on its own. “ Michael Beas

“I felt myself unable to stop reading sometimes, always promising myself a few more pages, but inevitably reading far more.”  John Staughton

“I couldn’t stop reading this book.  . . . It read like an Amy Tan novel, which is high praise!” Ann Marie

Mineko: Book of Sisters


ISBN: 9781301294565

Brutal Samurai invades your home, murdering family, servants, and guards in front of you. Your sister and you, as the only survivor’s, are whisked away to a desolate mountain castle. You later watch through tear-drenched eyes as she is ripped from your arms and taken away.

You are only six years old.

This is Mineko’s life. This is how her childhood in 17th century Japan began. For the next decade, Mineko endures as she learns to survive in a world filled with hate, terrifying abuse, violence and hunger. All the while she dreams of two things; a sister that one day returns to save her – and of someone to love. But little girls grow up and little girls learn. And little sisters never forget. The only difference between revenge and vengeance is the intensity of the punishment that is inflicted – and Mineko will settle for nothing less than extreme vengeance.

Set in 17th century Japan, “Mineko” is a rich, evocative, harsh and violent saga of a young girl’s quest for vengeance.

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Books In Progress


Mineko: Book of Hana



Mineko: Book of Kaiko



Mineko: Shogun in the Dark

Who were Mineko’s ancestors? Who authorized the killing of her family?
Enpō 8, 8th day of the 5th month, Shogun Letsuna, fourth shogun of the Tokugawa dynasty, dies at the young age of 38 years old. History notes that nothing more is known – and a successor is quickly named. One person knows though . . .


NOTE: Mineko: Shogun in the Dark will be released as a free e-book!