Mineko needs your help!

I need your help. I simply cannot do it alone. I need help from those of you, the readers, who have read “Mineko: Book of Sisters” and are willing to give me two minutes of your time. Just two minutes – and for some of you it may not even take that long. Heck, you probably will not even miss those two minutes. But those same two minutes will last for years and years helping others. “So what do I do with those two minutes?” you ask. Write a review. Help others discover Mineko.

“Oh no – I don’t know how to write a review,” you say. Actually, it is not very tough. Log onto Amazon and go to Mineko’s page – click “Write a review.” Click on a star rating (five stars are all the way to the right <grins>) and then type a title for your review. Simply putting “Mineko” works very well if you can’t think of anything else. Now type 20 words. Just 20. If you start with Mineko: Book of Sisters – well that’s 4 words down and you only have 16 to go. Put “I enjoyed this book because . . .” – see, another 5 words and you only have 11 to go. Simple huh.

Nobody knows how many books are listed on Amazon. Some guess a few million – others up to 12 million. We do know that in excess of 300,000 books are being listed each year. And somewhere in the pile of eBook’s is a little story called “Mineko” jumping up and trying to tell people, “Hey I Am Here!” You have the power to help her. Mineko and I cannot do it alone – we need your help.

Just two minutes. You have the power.