After 13 Years – Eleanor is Here!

New York Times Bestselling Author Hugh Howey once stated, “Jason Gurley will be a household name one day.” Hugh Howey does not miss much and hundreds of us, authors and readers alike, whole-heartedly agree with him.
What started out as a business transaction for the cover of my first novel, Mineko: Book of Sisters, has transpired over the past year into a friendship. It is with extreme pleasure that I am able to announce to you all, that after 13 long years, Jason’s labor of love, Eleanor is being released today.
I invite you all to follow the link below and discover the amazing world of Eleanor. More than just a book, Eleanor is a magical journey through time, space, physical boundaries and most importantly – love. In my opinion, Eleanor will forever be the second word spoken when Jason Gurley’s name is mentioned. It is just that remarkable.
Follow the link and if you consider purchasing – please please do so today so that we can make sure that Eleanor has absolutely the greatest launch day ever!
Click Here For Eleanor on Amazon